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Evolis is a company that designs, manufactures and markets printing and personalized solutions for plastic cards and ID badges.

As part of its 2021-2022 roadmap, Evolis wants to redesign the approach to their partners network and to create smoother customer experience, in line with their expectations and uses. The mission is to redesign the Technical Support website for purposes of retaining, training, and offering them tailored content. 

Project worked with Tanguy Maitrepierre (eCommerce & Business Salesforce Consultant).

Business Research

Kick-off workshop

As a first step, we held a workshop with the project stakeholders to analyse the existing support website and the partner's portal, in order to understand the associated difficulties. We then determined the main targets of the future portal, namely partners (distributors and resellers) and end-users.


Business Goals

  • Attract new distributors & resellers by providing a user friendly portal with easy and multi-device connection; facilitating product search with online tools (keywords, product reference, suggestions); provide access to up to date marketing & technical infos.

  • Strengthen the relationship with the resellers & develop a direct approach for the end-users by allowing them to register their equipments while having access to up to date information (KB, videos, how-to…).

  • Promote Evolis product range, upgrade up-selling and cross-selling : exhibit the right product combinations (cross-sell) or upgraded compatible products (up-sell) while searching products and provide tailored infos to partners on products that fit their needs.

Problem Definition

Evolis wants to promote a more intuitive technical support site that contextualizes and makes it easier to understand the equipment installation process. The company also aims to provide users with quick and easy access to technical and marketing documentation, video tutorials, warranties, software and firmware updates and associated consumables for each equipment. Finally, the portal must provide effective online help (knowledge base, FAQ) in case of technical problems encountered with a product.



User Research


As a result of the interviews with the client and the target users, we understood that the following four main needs for the technical support platform :

1. I need help to install my equipment
2. I am looking for information on my extended warranty, software and firmware updates and associated consumables for each machine, as well as technical and marketing documentation
3. I want to be informed about new driver and firmware updates for my machine
4. I have a technical problem and need help

Then we create personas and use-cases describing the actions that end-users, distributors and resellers must be able to do on the partner space and the technical support site.

User flows


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