UX-UI Design, Art Direction

Elec'Car is an Engie's offer reserved for owners of electric vehicles offering -50% on the price of kWh in off-peak hours (at night) on all household consumption.

The main goal of the project was to propose an unforgettable digital experience for individuals focused on principles gamification and gratification. It presents energy saving as a game or a challenge to meet.

Project made during my Master at ECV Digital with Anh Le.


This app aims at rewarding the user for smarter consuming.

This concept has several advantages. The app enhances animation to create engagement. It promotes visibility: it gets people talking and creates self-signed ambassadors. The final award concludes a memorable experience.


The app allows the user to read his own meter on a monthly basis. Every 500 kWh in off-peak hours plants a tree.

1. It is an engaging and active eco-smart action
2. It is a virtuous circle in agroforestry: planting a tree is good for the planet and it creates jobs.


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